When I was diagnosed with Cancer, Multiple Myeloma in June of 2013, I started having the conventional treatments. After a couple of months, my wife Blanca realized that the conventional treatment would NEVER give me the opportunity to heal and eventually body would be so toxic, that this could even cause a second cancer. She started her long research process, until she found Dr. Curtis Kuhn and Metabolic Therapy.

Thatʼs when my life started to change for the better, giving me hope of living with Dr. Kuhnʼs Holistic healing process. Dr. Kuhn explained to us that cancer is a metabolic disorder, which can be caused by a deficiency in pancreatic enzymes and many other nutrients. He helped us tremendously, to make the transition from the conventional treatments, without the fear of taking this amazing alternative path. We have come to realize that when the body is given the right raw materials, Dr. Kelleyʼs pancreatic enzymes and all of the other nutrients required, amazing physiological changes begin to take place.

Following this complete protocol, my body has regenerated new healthy cells and the cancer has been reduced.....considerably. I feel a lot of energy, my immune system is getting stronger, as my body has what it needs to self heal. Our lives are on the right path with Godʼs blessings and having Dr. Kuhn to help us.

Sergio Pinango and Blanca N de Pinango

I have known Dr. Kuhn for a few years. His knowledge and professionalism have guided me through a maze of treatments and helped SAVE my life. What more can I say?

Victor Zeines DDS
Holistic Dentist

On May 5th, 2006 I had 12 biopsy's done, eight were positive that I had prostate cancer. The cancer had already spread and it was #10, the most aggressive cancer there is. I had lost 68 pounds, being 5 foot "7" and 168 pounds, I now weighed only.....100 pounds.

The Dr. said there was not much he could do, but I told him not to worry about it, JESUS was in the healing Business.

Then I called ALL the Pastors I knew (25 churches) and had their people Praying for me. I went home and got on the internet and started researching. In the process I found Dr. Kuhn and his Metabolic approach to my illness.

So along with the Metabolic approach, I combined several other herbal products which I took 3 times each day, along with a particular diet. (No sugar, no fried meats, no dairy products, such as milk and cheese, no red meats and purified water.

I juiced 5 different vegetables along with a Habanera Pepper 3 times each day and stayed on Dr. Kuhn's metabolic supplemental support. I also ate plenty of Blackened fish, green salads, fruit salads, veggie pizza with Jalapeno peppers on the side.....and plenty of Baked Chicken.

At the end of 7 months, I had a Colored Doppler test run and it showed NO cancer. I have not been back to a Dr. since May 5th, 2006 and did not take any treatments. This has been over 5 years and I now weigh 160 pounds and feel great at age 78. Like I said to begin with: JESUS IS IN THE HEALING BUSINESS.

Frank S.

I met Dr. Curtis R. Kuhn 8 years ago, right after I had heart surgery. We became good friends. I read his book and attended his seminar. I'm a Registered Nurse and cautious about what I put in my body. It took me a while, but I was completely convinced after Curtis worked out my own personal metabolic program. Four years later, my blood tests are normal, my mind is also alert and no one believes that I am 77 years old.

Allow me to share with you the experience I had with an "old" man who was sitting next to me, waiting for a take-out order at one of our local restaurants . In conversation, he said he was at least FIFTEEN YEARS older than I was. I challenged him and he admitted he was 75 years old. I laughed and told him he wasn't even as as old as me. By that time, half of the customers knew my age and heard him say, "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it." As he walked out, I assured him, "Don't worry, I will."

Thank you, Dr. Curtis Kuhn
Shirley L. - Retired R.N.
Age 77
Las Vegas, Nevada

I would like to thank Dr. Kuhn for his help and advice in working with the Metabolic program and enzyme approach that Dr. Kelley designed so many years ago. I would like to report that my PSA has dropped, along with my cholesterol levels. I find that I have more energy and feel better and that my body is detoxifying at a faster rate than ever before. I'm confidant that my PSA and other blood levels will return to a normal state, given time, without radical medical therapies and treatments.

John D. - Photographer
Age 60
Branson, Missouri

The BEST nutritional supplement program ever designed. Anyone who does this Metabolic program will SEE the results. Everything Dr. Kuhn told me about Metabolic Science is absolutely true. Right down to the specifics of detoxification.

Joshua W. - R.N.
Age 30

"It has changed my health considerably. Not only internally, but in my outward appearance as well. No more crows feet around my eyes. My joints in my feet can bend again, after ten years of stiffness. All joints are pain free with NO medication. Now have mobility in my neck. My hair grows very fast. Got my waist back. Much more energy. Doesn't hurt when I eat anymore. Much better night vision. Even my eyelashes grew."

Tina S. - Waitress
Henderson, Nevada

Chronic Candida - "This has been an incredible experience. After only two months on the program I feel alive again."

Lois S. - Housewife
Wichita, Kansas

"Lost an ovary at the age of 21 due to many cysts. Metabolics has rebalanced my body chemistry and given me a second chance. It is correcting my hormonal and thyroid imbalances. Life now has meaning."

Tammi O. - Designer
Las Vegas, Nevada

"To be honest, I assumed that I was in fairly good health before I started Dr. Kelley's metabolic program. After a few months, I now know otherwise. The physical changes have been. REMARKABLE."

Phil R. - Commercial Airline Pilot
Las Vegas, Nevada

Weighed 425 pounds- "Lost 150 pounds. I owe my life to Metabolics. It has save me from the toxins of the world, by taking away the physical and mental sickness I have endured the past ten years."

Don Z. - Entrepreneur
Salem, Oregon

"Have been plagued with Fibromyalgia since 1989. It affected my life severely. Metabolic therapy has given me the tools to live my life again. It has greatly increased functioning of my digestive and immune systems. Also have passed over 2,500 gall stones."

Terry S. - Accounting Manager
Las Vegas, Nevada

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