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Dr. Kuhn's own story of how
metabolic science restored his health

How can the Metabolic Institute Help You?

Our Metabolic Program developed by Dr. Kelly is a systematic means where any individual can gain a level of optimum health.

Objective of Metabolic Typing

Learn about the five protocols of metabolic typing.

Personal Nutritional Needs

Find out how you can develop a nutrition plan unique ...

Autonomic Nervous System

Read about the most important metabolic system of the body

Twelve Metabolic Types

Discover the twelve classifications of the metabolic types

Metabolic Type Spiral

Explore the relationship among the twelve metabolic types.

Dr. Curtis R. Kuhn


Over 30 years of Experience

The Metabolic Program is a metabolic/nutritional system which employs evaluation tools to obtain an accurate picture of strengths and weaknesses of a person's being.
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Metabolic Paradigm


Metabolic Science


Dr. Kelley's ORIGINAL 7 Warning Signs of Cancer.

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